How To Delete Facebook Business Page On Mobile In 2023 Easy Guide

If you are looking for a How To Delete Facebook Business Page On Mobile, I will give you the perfect way of permanently deleting a Facebook page on your iPhone, Android, Laptop, and PC. If you want to no more use the Facebook page. Many Facebook users want to delete their Facebook page for any reason so we decided why not we thought you the process of canceling their Facebook page. Follow the given instructions below step by step.

About Facebook:

Facebook is a social media application where you can connect with your family and friends and easily chat with each other. Facebook is the most papular app in the world. Every person uses Facebook. On Facebook, you can share your pictures, Stories, and Novels and can post videos of any kind. Facebook also helps you to make new friends. Facebook provides the opportunity to create Facebook pages for business and personal profiles.

If you have a Facebook business page and want to delete it then I will teach you to completely delete the process Facebook page. Facebook is liked all over the world, and educated and illiterate people use it. Facebook users are millions. If you want, this article is especially for those people

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How To Delete Facebook Business Page On Mobile

If you wish to delete Facebook business  page then follow the given steps given in below:

1. Open your Facebook app on your mobile phone.

2. Next, Click on three horizontal lines that you will see at the top right corner.

 3. Now you need to click on the pages option that you see right here simply click on it.
4. Now it will show a list of all the pages that you created including the business page.
5. Now select your Facebook business page.
6. Now it will be switching profiles to a Facebook page.
7. Again you need to tap on three horizontal lines that you see at the top right corner.
8. You’ll see a wrench icon just beside the search bar you need to tap on the wrench icon.
9. There will be a lot of options now you need to tap on the first page settings.
10. Scroll down till you find Facebook page information now under this, you need to click on access and control.
11. Now you can see the option deactivation and deletion temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your page.
12. Now it is asking whether to deactivate the page or delete the page.
13. If you want to delete your Facebook Page permanently then click on Delete Page and continue.
Congratulations you have successfully learned how you can delete a Facebook business page on your mobile. This is the right way for canceling the Facebook page permanently.


As today I have told you the complete method in this article How To Delete Facebook Business Page On Mobile. Hope this informative article has helped you. If this information has been useful for you, then share it with your friends and relatives. If you have any questions then ask us in the comment section we will help you as early as possible.

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