How To Delete Reddit Account 6 Best Easy Steps

How To Delete A Reddit Account It’s possible that you’re considering closing your Reddit account for one of two reasons: either you want to reduce the amount of time you spend using the internet, or you’ve been running advertisements through the site that haven’t been very successful. In this post, you can easy to Delete your Reddit Account

It’s possible that some consumers are concerned about the privacy of their data as well. A virtual private network (VPN) might be the answer if internet security is an issue for you or if you want to quickly access websites like Reddit from a variety of places across the world.

Continue reading to find out how to delete Reddit account completely, including all of your post history, comments, and your Reddit Ads account.

Delete your Reddit account:

It’s easy to permanently erase your Reddit account. Reddit calls this procedure “deactivation” when you’re removing your account from your profile. There’s no way to temporarily suspend your account online. There’s no way to recover a deleted or deactivated account.

If you’re unsure, you may adjust your profile’s information-sharing settings to protect your data’s privacy. Delete articles and comments without cancelling your account.

You may want to save certain Reddit content for your own use. If so, email Reddit support to request your data. You can’t get this back if your account is deleted, so grab it now.

Users may send Reddit data requests via a web browser. After you enter your username and a date period for the data you want, the team will send a private message to your Reddit account with a download link. You can’t access the required info till then.

Delete Reddit Account Step 1: Resign from your premium membership

You are free to skip this step and move on to the next one if you do not have a paid subscription to Reddit.

Users who have a premium membership, on the other hand, should be advised that cancelling your Reddit account does not automatically terminate the monthly payments for the subscription. You will need to terminate your membership before you can start the process of deactivating your account.

How To Delete Reddit Account
Make sure that you cancel your Reddit membership using the same service that you used to sign up in the first place. (Credit for the image goes to Reddit)

You are able to cancel credit card payments directly on the Reddit site by checking in using a browser, navigating to your user preferences, and selecting the Cancel Credit Card Payments option.

You may cancel your membership on your smartphone by going to the area labelled “Subscriptions.” If you subscribed using your Apple ID or Google Play account, you can do it there.

delete Reddit account Step 2: Your Reddit Ads account should now have a new admin

You will have a Reddit Ads account connected to your primary account if you have been running sponsored advertisements through Reddit. If you are the only administrator for your company’s Ads account, it will be terminated forever along with your main profile if you are the only one who manages it. You will need to add another admin to the Ads account if you wish to maintain the functionality of the advertisements for your company.

There is no more action that needs to be taken on your part if you wish the Ads account to be terminated along with your primary account. If you do not designate a replacement administrator, both the Ads account and your personal account will be removed from the system immediately.

How To Delete Reddit Account
You should appoint a new administrator to your Reddit Ads Manager account to guarantee that your company’s sponsored advertisements run without a hitch. (Credit for the image goes to Reddit)

If you click the menu in the top right corner of your Ads Manager account, you will be able to access the permissions section. You may extend the functionality of your Ads account by adding more users by providing their email addresses and selecting the level of access they should have. Select Administrator from the user role drop-down option to hand over full control of the account to the newly added user moving forward.

Step No 3: Delete your previous posts

Cancelling a Reddit account is an option, but your previous posts and comments will continue to appear in the subreddits and threads in which they were first posted. “removed” appears in place of your username, which was there previously on these.

You are required to manually delete all of your posts on Reddit before you may cancel your account.

How To Delete Reddit Account

You cannot delete your Reddit posts in bulk; each one must be deleted manually. (Credit for the image goes to Reddit)

Click the name or photo of your profile that appears at the top of the screen under your profile on either the app or the internet version of Reddit. Click the Posts tab after selecting the My Profile option. When you see the menu that appears after clicking the three dots on each post, pick “Delete” from the menu.

Step 4: Delete your comments

In order to remove your remarks, you must follow a similar approach. To leave a comment, go to your profile and click the Comments tab. All of your Reddit comments will be shown to you in one convenient location.

If you click on the three-dot sign next to each comment, you’ll get a drop-down menu where you can pick Delete to remove them.

How To Delete Reddit Account
Reddit’s mobile app and desktop browser each have a somewhat different method for erasing past comments you’ve posted on the site. (Credit for the image goes to Reddit)

If you want to do this step using the Reddit app on your mobile device, you will have to click on each individual comment that has been made on your profile. Following the submission of your remark, Reddit will open the comments that have been posted under the original post. You will find the option to remove the remark next to the three dots that appear there.

How To Delete Reddit Account Step 5: Access your Reddit account settings

You are able to initiate the process of having your Reddit account erased once you have terminated any subscriptions, verified that your company’s advertisements are being covered, and removed your comment and post history.

How To Delete Reddit Account
You can only delete your Reddit account by checking in to the Reddit website using a web browser. This is the only method available. (Credit for the image goes to Reddit)

In order to finish the process of deactivating your account, you need to be connected to Reddit using a browser rather than through the mobile or desktop app.

To begin, log in to your account and then click the arrow next to your username in the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you to the settings page for your account. After that, select the User Settings tab.

How To Delete Reddit Account Step 6: Deactivate your Reddit account

Under the Account tab, locate the red Deactivate Account button by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page. Please tap here.

You will get a pop-up that has a form for providing input on why you are deleting your Reddit account. This field is optional. Click the button labelled “Deactivate,” then check the box that says “I realise that deactivated accounts are not recoverable.”

How To Delete Reddit Account
Reddit gives you the opportunity to submit input, albeit it’s completely voluntary, on the reason that your account was deactivated. (Credit for the image goes to Reddit)

You won’t get a confirmation message either on-screen or in your email informing you that your account has been terminated. Instead, Reddit will take you back to the login page and inform you that your previously used credentials are no longer valid there. Be quite sure before you delete the account, as there is no way to get it back.


It’s quite easy to deactivate your Reddit account if you decide you no longer want it. You will, however, be required to take other steps to guarantee that all of your post and comment history is removed, that your adverts are taken care of, and that your paid membership, if you have one, is cancelled. These additional actions may be found in the Help Center.

This post will show you how to delete your account from any website, including Reddit if you’re in the process of cleaning up old accounts and Reddit is just one of many. Or, if you’re having trouble keeping track of all the login details for the many online accounts you have, have a look at this guide to the best password managers.

In this we cover all about how to Delete Reddit Account if you face any problems then contact us in the comment section we will answer you as early as possible.

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