How to Hide Hidden Photos Album in iPhone In 2023

Today in this post I will show you the complete process of the How to Hide Hidden Photos Album in iPhone. If you have iPhone and wish to hide the album photo then read this post step by step. Many people are searching for the topic on the internet but they cannot find the perfect information. So we decided why not share a complete guide step by step

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How to Hide Hidden Photos Album in iPhone?

If you wish to How to Hide Hidden Photos Album on your iPhone follow the given instructions below step-wise in simple words.

1. Open the photos app on your iPhone.

2. Next you need to click on the albums at the bottom.

3. You need to scroll down and you’ll be able to see the hidden photos album.

5. Click on hidden here it will use your face ID or passcode to open it up.

6. Now you can see there are hidden photos.
7. If you want to hide your hidden photos.
8. Go to the iPhone settings, scroll down to find the photos app, and click on it.
9. Now scroll down and you can see the show’s hidden album which is turned on simply turn it off.
Once you do that now again if I go back to the photos app here on your iPhone and scroll down and you can see the hide option is gone that is the hidden album option is off right now okay so this is how you can do it now if you want to access that you can again go turn it on and you can access all the photos in the hidden photos album so this is how you’re going to do it


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