How To Turn On HDR Display on iPhone 2023 Easy Guide

If you are looking for the How To Turn On HDR Display on iPhone then you are landing on the right website in this post I will show the complete process of turning on the iPhone HDR display in a few simple steps. Many iPhone users are searching for this query on the internet but cannot find genuine information about it. So, we decided why not share this topic with complete guide to make users a day. Just follow the given instructions inn below.

Why did iPhone Users turn On HDR Display?

If you turn on the HDR display of your iPhone then go to the photos app and then view any photos or videos then there will be more colorful and vibrant there will be more you know live kind of looking so this is the main reason users always turning on HDR Display of iPhone.
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How To Turn On HDR Display on iPhone

If you wish to turn on or turn off on HDR display on your iPhone then follow these easy steps.

1. First of all click on the iPhone setting.

2. Next you need to find the photos app and then tap on photos.

3. Scroll down then one of the options you will find as a view of full HDR.

4. Now you need to turn on the HDR display.


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