How Can I Use Telegram In Pakistan In 2022

Many people won’t How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN so we decide to help people to guide them about using telegram without a VPN. Are you seeking a Pakistani Telegram Proxy? So I’ll explain to you How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN. You may resolve the Telegram connection issue in Pakistan with the aid of this instruction.

From 2022, Telegram will be available To use in Pakistan without VPN. The Telegram communication software can be used without a proxy in Pakistan. However, if you are having trouble connecting to Telegram in Pakistan, this guide will be helpful to you How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN.

How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN

If  Telegram is not functional in Pakistan, I will share the procedure and the Telegram proxy for that country. A built-in proxy option in Telegram assists in resolving the Telegram connecting issue. You can use Telegram Without VPN in Pakistan.

Telegram Introduction:

For users of Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux, there is a well-known instant messaging programme called Telegram. 2013 saw the launch of the Telegram platform by Telegram FZ LLC.

The fact that Telegram prioritises privacy over all else makes it the most popular messaging programme. End-to-end encrypted video calling, texting, file sharing, and a number of other functions are offered by the app.

How To Install Telegram In Pakistan?

If You want to how to install telegram in Pakistan & use Telegram in Pakistan without VPN. In the first step of the installation process for Telegram in Pakistan, go to the Play Store on your Android device and search for “Telegram.”

After that, select the ‘Install’ option.

how to install telegram in pakistan

After the installation has been finished, select the Open button.

The installation process is completed at this point. The subsequent step, which is required for you to begin using Telegram in Pakistan in 2022, is to register your phone number and use Telegram in Pakistan Without VPN.

Registering Your Phone Number On Telegram

Now, from the very beginning, select Pakistan from the list of countries that is shown in the app.

how to use telegram in pakistan


Enter your phone number then. Telegram will provide a confirmation code after connection.

how to use telegram in pakistan

After entering the code, your registration will be complete, and you will now be able to use Telegram in Pakistan without a VPN.

How to use Telegram in Pakistan without VPN On Andriod?

I’m going to provide the Pakistani Telegram Proxy here, which enables VPN-free Telegram usage in Pakistan.

1. Download the Telegram application on your smartphone and launch it.

2. Enter your phone number to log into your Telegram account.

3. Click “Settings” from the hamburger menu.

How to use Telegram in Pakistan without VPN
How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN


4. Choose “Data and Storage” from the menu of settings.

How to use Telegram in Pakistan without VPN
How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN

5. Once you’ve arrived at this page, go to the bottom and select “Proxy Settings.

How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN
How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN

6. When you are in the proxy settings, you need to click the button that says “Add Proxy.”

How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN

7. At this point, choose MTP roto Proxy, enter the server, port, and secret (which are supplied below), and then click the checkbox icon to confirm your selection. After a little pause, there won’t be any problems with the connection.

Best Free proxy for Telegram in Pakistan 2022:

Proxy 1

The server address is

Port: 443

11112222333344445555666677778888 is the answer to this riddle.


Proxy 2


Port: 8888

Secret: ee1faa1a2277b1808ae9be6bc950e6991a77312e7765622e77686174736170702e636f6d

Proxy 3 is the server address.

Port: 443

Secret: dd00000000000000000000000000000000

use Telegram in Pakistan Without VPN

How To Use Telegram On iPhone Without VPN?

Watch this video to use Telegram on your iPhone without a VPN and enjoy the telegram unlimited group chat which you like. Just Follow the easy steps which are guided in this video.

How to use Telegram in Pakistan on pc?

Following the steps in the preceding procedure will allow you to use the Telegram communication app on your mobile phone in Pakistan. However, the process is a little bit different if you want to use Telegram on a PC in Pakistan.

You will not be able to use Telegram directly on your PC unless you first register it on your mobile device. It means that you have to have registered on Telegram on your mobile device using your phone number before you can use it on your PC.

Follow these instructions to learn how to use Telegram on your personal computer in Pakistan:

Install a telegram client on your PC first. Simply click this link to begin the desktop download of the Telegram app.

Once the downloading is finished, you can start the installation process by opening the setup file and  Use Telegram in Pakistan without VPN

Pick the language you wish to use.

how to use telegram on pc

Now choose the location on your device where you’d like to install the Telegram app.

how to use telegram in pakistan on pc

Now choose the directory in which you would like the program’s shortcut to be placed after the installation is complete.

how to use telegram in pakistan on pc

You can proceed with the installation without making any more adjustments at this time. Simply select the Install option, and the construction will start immediately.

how to use telegram in pakistan on pc

To finalise the installation of Telegram on your desktop, click the button labelled “Finish” after it is finished.

Next, launch Telegram Desktop and select the Start Messaging option from the menu.

You will see two different options to use Telegram on your personal computer in Pakistan when you navigate to the next screen.

  • Scan from the mobile version of the telegram.
  • Sign in using the phone number you provided.
  • In the first choice, you have the ability to instantly scan the QR code using
  • your mobile version of Telegram. To accomplish this, proceed with the steps that are listed below.
  1. Launch the Telegram app on your mobile device.
  2. To scan a QR code, navigate to Settings > Devices > Scan QR.
  3. In order to log in to Telegram, scan the image that is displayed on the desktop.
    If you choose the second option, which allows you to log in using your phone number, you will first need to select Pakistan as your country of residence before entering your number.

how to use telegram in pakistan on pc

After entering your cell phone number and clicking on the next button, Telegram will send a code to your mobile device, which you will then need to enter into the desktop version of Telegram in order to begin using it on your personal computer.

how to use telegram in pakistan on pc
How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN

Because of this, in order to use Telegram on a personal computer in Pakistan, you will first need to register the app on your mobile device or tablet, as there is no other option.

Telegram Proxy For Pakistan

If you are trying to find a Telegram proxy for Pakistan but have not been successful in doing so, there is no need for you to be concerned. As was said earlier, it will no longer be necessary to use a proxy in Pakistan in 2022 in order to use Telegram. In order to proceed, all that is required of you is to carry out the actions that have been outlined above.

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Why Telegram not working in Pakistan 2022?

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority began restricting access to the Telegram service in the country in October of 2022. (PTA). Users in Pakistan will finally have access to Telegram in the year 2021.

However, a significant number of users are still reporting connection problems with Telegram in Pakistan. I made available to users in Pakistan a Telegram Proxy that makes it simple to get over restrictions placed on the use of Telegram in that country.

Can I use Telegram without VPN?

Once Telegram has been configured to run via Proxy, a VPN is no longer required. Simply navigate to Settings > Data and Storage > Proxy settings > Use Proxy to disable the proxy. Tap the slider on the right to enable or disable the proxy. Telegram supports both Socks5 and MTProto proxy protocols.

Does Telegram work in Pakistan?

In October 2017, Telegram was inaccessible to Pakistani users, and as of 18 November 2017, it has been entirely prohibited on the PTCL Network after directives from PTA, Pakistan’s largest ISP, as per a tweet from PTCL to a user. But now you can use telegram in Pakistan without VPN by following my guide.

Why my Telegram is not connecting in Pakistan?

Telegram does not work in Pakistan as it is banned. To use Telegram in Pakistan or other countries where the Telegram app is restricted, you must utilise a virtual private network (VPN) or the best free proxy.

Is Telegram working in Pakistan  2022?

Yes, Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN. Similar to WhatsApp, Telegram is a popular encrypted texting application. It is accessible on multiple platforms and functions properly anywhere on the planet, with the exception of Pakistan. As reported in the fall of the previous year, the app and web version ceased functioning in the country. Now with some proxy, you can Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN.

Why does Telegram need VPN?

Yes, a VPN will secure your Telegram connection.

The VPN facilitates the establishment of a secure tunnel between your device and the VPN server. This encrypted tunnel prevents ISPs, hackers, con artists, and government agencies from monitoring your internet activity.

How can I remove Telegram limitation?

If Telegram itself is restricting you, you could contact the Telegram bot at You cannot do much more, and you must wait till the restriction date expires.

Which VPN is best for Telegram?
ExpressVPN consistently unblocks Telegram on all supported platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. With ExpressVPN operating in the background, you may send Telegram messages and make Telegram phone calls from anywhere.
How can I change Telegram proxy?
If you chose a MTProto proxy, then:
  1. Enter your Hostname or IP address, and it’s Port number.
  2. Input your Secret credentials.
  3. Click Save if you’re finished.

What is advantage of Telegram?

It is a highly authentic messaging programme, and you will not lose a great amount of data until you upload or download larger files. Chatting uses only bytes of data, and the customisation of Telegram is really good provided by backgrounds and noises.


In this article, you have learned How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN hope you. Hope you, friends, like my guide Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN. We covered the use of telegram on Andriod, iPhone, use on PC without vpn. If you face any problems then contact us in the comment section.


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